The blue beam project

- nasa blue beam project - precursor to project blue beam technology - project blue beam - a program to really 'beam scotty up', or how to fake the rapture. Project blue beam exposed, russian pyramid, norways sun symbol are all beta tests taking place pre-iran war. Page 1 of 24 project blue beam - part five what is causing the mysterious trumpet sounds heard all around the world 7 trumpets of god no they are supposed to be the trumpet sounds of god, but they.

The blue beam project is a secret mind change weapon and is based on something called subliminal carrier technology, or silent sound spread spectrum (also called s-quad, or 'squad' in military jargon. 4 steps of project blue beam according to monast: without a universal belief in the new age religion, the success of the new world order will be impossible he believed that without religion, a dictatorial government in the new world that nasa plans to create would have no chance of succeeding. Project blue beam: 'jesus christ appears in the sky' after deadly landslide a symbol of jesus christ appeared in the skies above a landslide that killed 17 people, it has been astonishingly claimed. The blue beam project has four different steps in order to implement a new age religion, along with the roll out of a fake antichrist at its head oh, i believe that we will see an anti-christ, but this will not be it.

A young graphic designer observes that something unusual happens with the electrical devices in his home what does this have to do with the solar storm coming, along with the appearance of a familiar face. The nasa blue beam project is the prime directive for the new world order's absolute control over the populations of the entire earth, monast said i would. Chemtrails, haarp, project blue beam and mind control join kenneth, john and cathy in the chat room while they discuss the real truth behind the horrors of the chemtrails and how it is all linked to. The nasa blue beam project is the prime directive for the new world order's absolute control over the populations of the entire earth i would suggest you investigate this information carefully before.

1994 the infamous nasa blue beam project has four different steps in order to implement the new age religion with the antichrist at its head we must remember that the new age religion is the very foundation for the new world government, without which religion the dictatorship of the new world order is completely impossible. So you asking where they get their source from, the project blue beam thing been out since the 1983 and was discovered by serge monast revealed by him in 1994, but he was killed due to a heart. Donald marshall - yeah they told me blue beam was this bluebeam was that, i dont know much about this project, they can make people with chips in theyre bodies hear stuff, but guess with this they dont need chips, dont know much bout bluebeam so i wont speculate. The blue beam project (2017) - imdbcom.

The end-to-end digital workflow and collaboration solution trusted by over 1 million design and construction professionals worldwide download a trial today. The blue brain project is an attempt to reverse engineer the human brain and recreate it at the cellular level inside a computer simulation the project was founded in may 2005 by henry markram at the epfl in lausanne, switzerland. Expose the blue beam project 931 likes the high frequency active auroral research program (haarp) is an ionospheric research program jointly funded by. Blue beam: the hoax that won't die by far the most read post on this blog is my project blue beam exposed extravaganza, which exhaustively details the source material (old star trek scripts) for this long-running hoax.

Project blue beam is an enterprise of the military-industrial complex capable of throwing more or less realistic holographic images onto the sky, which can be used to project an image of jesus or mary or an image of an attacking alien spacecraft or, for that matter, a war between alien spacecraft and terrestrial planes or craft which the. Project blue book was one of a series of systematic studies of unidentified flying objects (ufos) conducted by the united states air force it started in 1952,.

The blue beam project was designed to create the largest illusion of all time on a global scale an illusion that would change the beliefs of everyone on the planet creating a one world belief that would eventually change peoples minds about religion all together. Project blue beam is allegedly being carried out in several stages while many focus on the final stage , which is the creation of an anomalous event, such as the. The blue beam project is one of the most dangerous secret programs it has the potential to spark a global war, making all of us wish it wer.

the blue beam project This theory postulates that the masters aka elite will use advanced holographic technology to simulate a fake alien invasion to seal the masses under the domination of a global government project bluebeam.
The blue beam project
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